Blue-Cream Point Female
Born 8-11-1992

Parents Grand-Parents Great-Grand-Parents
GC Honalee's T.C. of Purrstar
Blue Point
GC Thesaurus Yosemite Sam of Honalee
Flame Point
CH Thesaurus' Keep The Beat
Seal Point
Thesaurus Madame Butterfly
Tortie Point
T. Renn's Miss Yankee of Honalee
Blue Point
CH T. Renn's Camerarius
Blue Point
GC T. Renn's Teardrop
Blue-Cream Point
CH, GP Madame Nu's Sheer Value of Purrstar
Cream Point
GC Madame Nu's Sheer Energy, DM
Flame Point
GC, NW Madame Nu's Sakes Alive!
Cream Point
CH Madame Nu's Alotta Brass, DM
Flame Point
Madame Nu's Blonds Have More Fun
Flame Point
GC Madame Nu's Dustin Time
Flame Point
Madame Nu's Daphne
Blue-Cream CPC

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