Tortie Point Female
Born 6-6-2010

2010-11 TICA SE Region 14th Best Kitten
2010-11 TICA International Best Himalayan Kitten

Parents Grand-Parents Great-Grand-Parents
CH Countrygal's Quasar of Purrstar
Seal Lynx Point
CH Co-Bridge Captain of Countrygal
Seal Lynx Point
GC Co-Bridge I've Been Kissed
Flame Lynx Point
Co-Bridge Kiss Me Kate
Tortie Point
CH Countrygal Mesmeryes
Seal Point
CH Countrygal Check's In The Male
Seal Point
Tallin Pearl Jam of Countrygal
Blue-Cream Point
GC Purrstar's Solar Flare
Flame Point
Sandypaws Hot Flash of Purrstar
Flame Point
CH Croshka Five Card Stud of Catipurrn
Cream Point
CH Hadakat Ultra Violet of Sandypaws
Tortie Point
CH Co-Bridge Moonlit Kiss of Purrstar
Tortie Lynx Point
CH Co-Bridge Quiggly
Seal Lynx Point
Co-Bridge Passionate Kisses
Flame Lynx Point

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