Seal Point Male
Born 4-16-1992

Parents Grand-Parents Great-Grand-Parents
Cookicat Flip O'The Coin
Flame Point
CH Lotsapurr Too Hot T'Handle
Flame Point
Thesaurus Crescendo
Blue Point
Lambar Titian Temptress of Lotsapurr
Isla of Royal Row
Blue-Cream Point
Thesaurus Hubba of Royal Row
Seal Point
Dazzle of Royal Row
Tortie Point
Purrsuits Vanna White of Ozark Lady
Copper-Eyed White CPC
GC Kitclass Snow Chief of Roustabout
Copper-Eyed White
GC Jolee's Lucky Strike of Kitclass
Kitclass Confection
Copper-Eyed White
Dalmar Chalet
Seal Point
Badi High Time Coming
Seal Point
Dalmar Carousel
Seal Point

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